Sunday, February 5, 2006

Post Graduation Plans

Justin is going to work on a film this summer with Patty Duke, and maybe that guy from MASH, and maybe Joey Lawrence... yeah, the "whoa" guy.

We decided last night that if Justin doesn't have a job related to his field that we would stay in Utah for the next year. Mostly so we wouldn't have to move after 2 months, after moving out of Wymount... and he would find a dumb job... well maybe not dumb, but one that would get us through that might not be exactly what he wanted.

And, because he applied at a community college in Minneapolis, he is going to apply for one in Los Crusis... my deal is to blame for that... "you can apply any where you want, but for every place you apply that I don't want, you need to apply to one I like." He likes the idea of Minnesota, but I guess its only far that he apply in desert hell as well.

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