Tuesday, September 6, 2005

24 and All is Well

Courtlin said I was old.

The weekend was nice, Justin's family was visiting. We spent most of our time with Emily, Nathan, and Andrew. But we had some engagements that prevented a lot of time spending with Mom and Dad Cook.

Our church meets from 2-5 now... that is the pits. Justin says its not a good enough reason to move. I say it sure is. 12-3 was already too late.

I got to spend my birthday at home. Justin did my laundry, which was very nice... he was shocked at how little it was because I've been complaining that all my clothes were dirty... but when you only have 3 pair of pants and 4 shirts that fit you, you run out of clothes fast.

Justin called a few friends to come over for my birthday. I made ice cream with my birthday present... it turned out really good... but I filled it up too much so it over flowed. It was nice to chat and eat with family and friends, but I wish more of my friends could have been there. All this growing up and moving away stuff! Mom and Dad Cook came for a very short time, but left right away. They got me a stained glass soldering iron... that means I can do that again! I can't wait until we are rich and I have a room to do all my stuff in. For now I'll have the card table set up in a room.

Still no car for us.

Does anyone want some new front tires with a car attached to them?

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