Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Killer Died, Justin Felt the Blob

On Sunday our car officially died. The go won't go, and the park won't park. The flashers and the emergency break still work.

Its a sign... two major malfunctions in one week means its time for a new car. We are looking into loans and cars. I'm old enough to be having a baby... but not old enough to get a car loan. Its very sad that I have to grow up all the way this year, and before I'm even 25!

I'm getting a ride to work with Jocelyn, the girl in my apartment complex who I suggested apply for the job and she got it. But since I don't have a bus pass and its too hot to walk, and I'm pregnant and tiered, grocery shopping is really going to become a pain once we run out of food and we still haven't bought a car.

Life is expensive, and for some reason its more expensive for the poor people. Sad day.

On the other hand... Justin felt the baby kick for the first time. He thought it was me moving a muscle, and when I showed him what if felt like when I move a muscle he knew it was the baby. The blob has found the perfect kicking place to make me feel like I'm going to faint. And he is still really small... I can't believe that he is going to get stronger and more forceful with his kicks... I'm kind of scared.

Justin loves his classes, well at least he hasn't complained of any yet. The Monty Python class will be interesting, they are watching tons of episodes of Flying Circus, Holy Grail, Life of Bryan (are you shocked?), and The Meaning of Life (I think that's what it is called.) They watched the Bavarian episode last night, "I'm a lumberjack" in German... I bet you wish you saw that!

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